Nuno Rocha | Momentos [2010]

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Jokgu The Chicken

You might also like this impressive work of Yunus Emre Gezer a.k.a. Remix Adam.

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Henry Mancini | Love Theme [1969]

I think & feel it’s the definition of love; is also very special to me.

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3-Second Intro

PS: I’ve made this 3-second intro [used to be a YouTube feature] with Windows Movie Maker in Full HD at 60 fps for Wikimedia, especially Wikipedia.

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Christopher Nolan | Interstellar [2014] | Official Trailer

Go further.

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Christopher Nolan | Inception [2010] | Official Trailer

The dream is real.

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Christopher Nolan | The Dark Knight Trilogy | Ultimate Trailer

Why so serious?

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