Ubisoft | Assassin’s Creed Unity [2014] | Official E3 Trailer

Unis pour la liberté!

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Creative Commons

Let the internet switch from © All Rights Reserved to (CC) Some Rights Reserved for a free & legal world.

—Image: commons.wikimedia.org

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Ubisoft | Assassin’s Creed II [2009] | Official E3 Trailer

Nothing is true; everything is permitted.

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The Biggest Lies On The Internet

The+biggest+lies+on+the+internetNow they are part of our daily routine.

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Andrew Stanton | WALL•E [2008] | Official Trailer

Made in Disney•Pixar

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haveibeenpwned.com - Screen Shot 2019-08-03 at 13.21.21It is absolutely the most dynamic one of Troy Hunt‘s excellent contributions to our online security & privacy.

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Sadie The Dog

My aunt caught her son—my 4-year-older cousin—while he was privately expressing his emotions against me like Sadie when I was a newborn baby.

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